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SIR Oftalmica OCULISTICA strumenti chirurgici e apparecchiature diagnostica trattamento
Sir Oftalmica
Via Torriani 19/C
22100 Como (CO)

Phone: (0039) 031.570869
Fax: (0039) 031.572826 C.F./P.Iva 01814920136

Thanks to our specialized and experienced tecnicians, we provide maintenance and repair services of ophthalmological surgical instruments.

The firm is managed by Luigi Ronchi and Daniela Burlon with an experience in the sector acquired during more than thirty years of usiness in the field of ophthalmological surgery.

Thanks to our experience, SIR Oftalmica gained a competitive position in the surgery instruments and in the diagnostic and treatment equipments business all over the national territory attained the actual technical, productive and commercial condition.

Wanting to maintain only high quality standards, we chose for you the best producer companies worldwide, such as: Duckworth & Kent, PMS, Ellex iTrack, MED-LOGICS, Frey Medical, Medizs, APX Ophthalmology, Micro Medical Devices, Adaptica, AKRUS, LCA Pharmaceutical, BON, Blink Medical, Phakos.

The quality policy is always been an important goal for our business. We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

Titanium microsurgery instruments produced by Duckworth & Kent, the world's leader producer of titanium instruments for ophthalmology and neurosurgery.

Hereinafter to the booklet of some titanium instruments:

For more information consult:

PMS 100% German stainless steel instruments.

Hereinafter to the booklet of some stainless steel instruments:

For more information consult the stainless steel instruments catalogue. Download the IFU here.

DISPOSABLE stainless steel instruments, english quality: BLINK Medical.

Hereinafter to the booklet of some DISPOSABLE instruments:

For more information consult the disposable instruments catalogue or visit the website SIR Oftalmica DISPOSABLE.

In addiction to the models in the catalogue we have a wide range of products with the possibility to assemble custom pack according to your needs.

Other ophthalmic surgery products:

We are pleased to offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment instruments such as:

dilatatore irideo APX

schiascopio automatico refrattometro 2win forottero mobile

New I/A Handpiece with Irrigation Luer Lock from Duckworth & Kent

New Inamura capsulorhexis, suitable for all corneal incision down to 1.5mm

Designed to fit comfortably through any incision down to 1.5mm. Precise interlocking serrated tips with a sharp point enable the surgeon to initiate the capsule tear then securely grasp the capsule to perform the capsulorhexis. Designed specifically for corneal placed incisions, tip to pivot length reduced to 8.5mm. Keeping the pivot in the incision reduces the leakage from the anterior chamber, it also enables the tips to operate fully at the smaller incision sizes without stretching the incision and causing corneal deformation. Accurate capsulorhexis size is crucial for optimal IOL function. The new Inamura cross action capsulorhexis forceps have an engraved scale from the tip to 2.5mm and 5.0mm along the shaft. The scale enables the surgeon to repeatedly measure the size of the capsulorhexis using the forceps within the anterior chamber. Measuring on the cornea surface overestimates the actual size of the capsulorhexis when measured within the anterior chamber.


For further videos visit Duckworth & Kent


Visit the dedicated webpage.


Progettato e realizzato negli U.S.A. per poter effettuare la chirurgia della cataratta senza ultrasuoni attraverso un vuoto pulsato ad alta frequenza:

  • Mini-incisioni: cannula di 1mm
  • Massima stabilità della camera e riduzione del flusso
  • Minima perdita di cellule endoteliali
  • Riduzione rischi (opera in occlusione)
  • Fino a cataratte +3 o +4 se abbinato al laser per femtocataratta

    Visita il sito dedicato MED Logics.

Canaloplasty and ABiC

Ab-interno Canaloplasty is a new Minimally Invasive Glaucoma (MIGS) procedure, which achieves similar IOP-lowering effects to traditional (ab-externo) Canaloplasty in patients with mild-to-moderate POAG.

LINK for the online free course on canaloplasty (5 ECM)

Visit the italian canaloplasty website or the ELLEX canaloplasty website.

2WIN binocular vision screener

The 2WIN is a binocular vision screener that measures both eyes at the same time, simulating natural vision conditions. It provides an objective, not subjective, assessment of the visual function without requiring patient cooperation.
The 2WIN is the perfect tool for objective vision screening with infants as young as 2 months old, children, and any non-cooperative patients.
Visit the SIR Oftalmica 2win website.


VisionFit is an innovative electronic, tunable, all-in one, solid state, mobile and wearable system of lenses.

Visit the SIR Oftalmica VisionFit websiteor the Adaptica website.

Surgeon chairs and doctor Stools

This ergonomically shaped, very comfortable doctor stool is supported by a five finger base frame on castors. Various combinations of arm rests and back rest are available.
Download the brochure for more information.

Surgical Chairs and Beds

The mobile SC 5010 ES surgical chair was developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons in the fields of ophthalmology.
Download the brochure for more information.

Electronic glasses for amblyopia

The new treatment of amblyopia through electronic occlusion of the dominant eye: high children adaptation, no need eye patches, eye tear circulation and normal eye temperature, no allergy problem, ...
For further information visit the VIDI website.

Microkeratome ML7

The ML7 has been designed to be simple, accurate, and reliable. Through its advanced one-piece head design, ergonomic, lightweight handpiece, CLB® and touch-less blade shuttle, precision vacuum rings, and a simple and efficient console, the ML7 lives up to its catch phrase of “simply accurate.”
For further information click on the image:

and visit the MED-LOGICS website.


We are glad to present KALEIDOS: the mobile binocular refractometer and vision analyser that measures both eyes at the same time, in real life vision conditions.
Download the brochure for more information.

40G and 48G retinal needles by INCYTO

New subretinal injection and aspiration needles 40G, 48G needle for t-PA injection, IVT 40G.

Download the brochure for more information.

Test eyeglasses for children

Light and comfortable are welcome by the youngest, well centered on their faces and help by a plastic band in the back of the head. The rings hold the regular lenses and can come with tabo or international directions.
Download the brochure for more information.